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About the book

Do you wish you were more organised? Are you way too busy and stressed out? If you are looking to get your life better organised, you've come to the right place.

Increase your productivity
If you are drowning in paperwork or have thousands of emails in your inbox, don’t despair, you can increase your productivity at work without working any harder.

Clear the clutter 
If you look around your home or office and the word “clutter” springs to mind, a step-by-step process on how to organise anything will soon have you feeling organised.

Get organised
To really supercharge your day, how about setting up routines at home that will actually save you time without the effort?

Organsing your family
You can easily read this book in one afternoon with a coffee or two and a few spare hours. It was written for people just starting out or those who need a little help to get organised. Easy practical steps to get you from disorganised to organised quickly and easily.

Inside the book I tell you my story from disorganised brand new public servant, just out of school, to organised mother and business owner.

I cover all my systems for getting organised and staying productive, including, setting up systems, organising paperwork, organising emails, how to organise your kids and family, managing projects and much, much more!

About the author

Lena Turvey is an author, and a work at home mother running several small businesses in Canberra, Australia. She is a Mac girl, loves coffee (weak latte thanks!) and personal organisation and productivity. Lena has just finished her MBA and has many years working in the public service, private sector and not for profit under her belt.

Education is a passion for Lena who has consulted as a trainer and assessor for more than 6 years in accredited training in Business Administration, Business, Human Resources and specialising in Leadership and Management.

Sometimes she appears as an movie extra, her latest role involved being a statue for the movie BlueWorld Order (http://www.bwomovie.com/).

Currently she is working on her next book...